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Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked and Play Online

After the terrible finish to penguins last attempts to Learn to Fly he’s back and out of hospital to have a 2nd go. Help your penguin to fly to the target areas and blow them up. Use the sites hacks to buy any upgrade you want in Learn to fly 2. Learn to fly 3 is now out and you can play it here Learn to Fly 3 This time the challenge is to get the penguin into space.

Learn to Fly 2 Hacked

Loading fixed & hack updated! Key hacks : [1] Add lots of bonus points [2] Add lots of cash [3] Add lots of fuel. Note: cash and points only show after a purchase and don’t mind the fuel bar – if you run out of fuel hit [3] and then space bar to start it again.

Play Here

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