Call of Duty Mobile is a Runaway Hit

Call of Duty Mobile is a Runaway Hit


Call of Duty: Mobile has been downloaded over 35 million times and it’s barely been a week since its release. The popular first-person shooter game has proven to be a surprise hit on mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

The game was originally intended only for Chinese players as a possible rival to smartphone-based megahit shooter PUBG Mobile. However, Activision Blizzard has since released the title in over 100 countries, where the downloads quickly started racking up.

Many critics are praising CoD: Mobile over PUBG, which was considered the best—and most played—action shooter game for handheld devices. CoD: Mobile has surprising similarities to PUBG, possibly because both games were developed by Tencent. Activision Blizzard still owns CoD, but the mobile version was developed by the Chinese gaming company, using insights gained from PUBG gameplay.

Is CoD: Mobile Different from the Console and PC Versions?

The visuals, story, and gameplay are derived from all the old CoD games you may have played over the years. The mobile version has some of the same maps and weapons as the CoD titles released for consoles and PC. Some of the game mechanics have also transferred, but there’s a notable difference. All the controls are touch-based on smartphones of course.

Established CoD fans might be skeptical about touch controls. According to early reviews, the touch controls are surprisingly versatile and easy to use. Some praise the controls as the best currently available for a mobile shooter. In any case, the touch controls are highly ranked.

The game is free to play. You don’t have to dish out fifty bucks like for the CoD titles you got for your PS4. There are in-app purchases, as standard, if you do want to spend money.

CoD multiplayer mode is certainly available for the mobile version. The classic Team Deathmatch games are available for mobile, seemingly just like in the classic games. There’s a Battle Royale mode where multiple players best each other to be the last one standing. It originally debuted in 2018’s CoD: Black Ops 4 and Blackout.

Players can add friends in-game by searching nicknames. You can connect your account to Facebook to add friends as well.

All in all, CoD: Mobile appears to offer essentially the same experience as CoD console titles, albeit with touchscreen controls.

Play CoD: Mobile on a PC

If you are not a super fan of touch controls, there is a way to play CoD: Mobile on a PC with better controls. Because the game is developed by Tencent, it’s available on GameLoop, the company’s Android emulator for PCs, as one game reviewer found out.

To play on CoD: Mobile on a PC, first download GameLoop. It only allows you to play a limited number of mobile games on the PC, so watch out for what you add. With this setup, you can just go on to play the game, no extra charges apply.

There might be a downside though. CoD: Mobile doesn’t look as good as PC CoD games on the emulator. Don’t expect high-end graphics on your computer as the game only has smartphone-friendly visuals. However, you can run it at 60 fps without any graphics-related issues. It may not look as good as the recent CoD titles, but it’s still very good compared to other games.

A New PC and Console CoD Game is on the Way

CoD: Mobile release doesn’t indicate an end to PC and console versions of the title. There’s a new CoD: Modern Warfare title lined up for release this October 25 that you can play on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

The upcoming release will have a shiny new feature called Survival Mode, where players need to team up to battle multiple enemy attacks in succession. It’s essentially a new cooperative mode to try in addition to the single and regular multiplayer modes. Survival Mode would be PS4 exclusive until 2020.