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Feature: How The Quintessential Essence Of Pokémon Games Inspires Gen After Gen

Insight from Pokémon World Champions and Temtem’s Director

In 1998 my Canadian elementary school banned everything to do with Pokémon. The games, the trading cards, and discussions about the anime – all of it was off-limits as Pocket Monster fever swept through North America like a swarm of Rattata, distracting us from our in-class reading of Anne of Green Gables. That did not stop me and my classmates from passing notes about whether or not there really was a Mew beneath the truck parked near the S.S. Anne when Mrs. Hubbard turned her back. Nor did it stop us from pitying those poor souls whose parents would not buy them a Game Boy, let alone a copy of Pokémon Red or Blue. To us, that was a step removed from child abuse.

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