GTA Online Lets You Lose Money in the Best Way

GTA Online Lets You Lose Money in the Best Way


Rockstar announced some time back that GTA Online would be getting the online casino update on 23 July, and now, a week after it has been launched, The Diamond Casino & Resort is doing some wonderful things for the game.

Players who are members of Twitch Prime were able to log in before hand and claim their free Master Penthouse suite, and those that didn’t do it then, and only found out about it later, still had some time to claim it to get it delivered by 1 August. If you haven’t actually claimed it or didn’t know about it, there’s a good chance you weren’t really interested.

However, players who have claimed it, or even just become VIP members and bought the penthouse in-game, have access to high roller tables where you can put down 50,000 max chip bets on blackjack or three-hand poker. The Diamond Casino also offers a variety of slots and roulette to players too but could really benefit from a few other games being added. Not only will you get a chance to play these casino games, but there’s also giant wheel, which you can spin once a day, allowing players to win prizes like new cars, RP or just plain old cash.

With the new release of the free DLC, players have been congregating around the area, a perfect recipe for disaster for players of a more mischievous motive. Wars have been happening in and around the casino, players have been landing aeroplanes on the horse track outside, and the sky is filled with flying Oppressors waiting for players to enter or exit the casino. Some servers have turned into a veritable blood bath. Thankfully, if you’re able to sit high up in your penthouse suite, you’ll get a great view of all the action, and truth be told, if you’re all about that life, it can be a lot of fun to participate in. For those that just want to go and have some gambling fun though, it can be quite a pain.

The person taking the brunt of it all has to be The Diamond Casino & Resort valet. The man sits outside getting run over, mistreated, shot at, punched and disrespected by newcomers, seasoned gamblers and players looking for carnage.

Unfortunately, the new casino update isn’t for everyone as some players are restricted by the online laws in their country. The GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort operates very much like a real casino in that players can spend real money to buy Shark Cards, in-game money to buy in-game chips, then spend those at the slots or the table games. Obviously, you can also use your amassed millions in-game without spending real money too. But the premise of gambling remains.

Sadly, players in countries such as Argentina, Greece, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, South Africa and Sweden, won’t be able to take part in the new DLC, as the game presents players with an error message saying, “This feature is not available for you.”