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Guide: Best 4K TVs for PS5 in 2022

Our top TV picks for use with PS5

What are the best 4K TVs for PS5 in 2022? Sony has ushered in the start of a brand new console generation with PlayStation 5, and with that comes new technology to be taken advantage of. No matter what television set you currently own, you’re going to notice a big upgrade the moment you boot up the new console. However, if you truly want to take full advantage of its capabilities, a sufficient TV will be needed to go hand in hand with the system. Most of us have wrapped our heads around 4K resolution and HDR, but what about support for 120fps? What is a Variable Refresh Rate? Worry no longer because we’re going to break everything down for you and recommend the best 4K TVs for use with PS5. For more general information on the console, check out our comprehensive PS5 guide.

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