Heroic Magic Duel: Tips to Rank Up

Heroic Magic Duel: Tips to Rank Up


Do you love playing Heroic Magic Duel? Are you looking for some effective tips to master the game and register a win? If yes, you are in the right place. Many of us love to play Heroic Magic Duel. But they try hard to win and dominate the game. In this article, we will discuss some proven tips to help you to enjoy your game more and rank up high. You can expect practical tips since the article will cover my experience and encounter with this game.

Heroic Magic Duel is always my favorite. However, most of the time it slips right under the radar and I try again to make a difference. I love playing this game regardless of the result. My curiosity grew and I wanted to know how to dominate this game.

If you are familiar with this game and pay it more often, then you might have realized that in this game, you will have to take control of the hero. The entire concept of the Heroic Magic Duel revolves around the hero. For this, you will have to win your enemies. To battle against your enemies, you will need the deck of cards.

The battle will be similar to the Plants VS Zombies and three-lane affair and different from the Hearthstone. As I am familiar with this game and play it for a long time, I am good at playing cards. I know how to dominate the game by using the cards. It is not important to use the cards only. You should know when and how to use it.

A beginner might not be able to play effectively without the understanding of the game and card usage. Even if it is similar to the three-lane battles, you will need a little practice. If you want to make it easier with your first game, then try the following tips. Focus on the game and know how to use cards in your favor.

The following tips can guide all those who want to rank up first and win the game. The tips combine all the required information that can help a new player to rank fast.

How to Play Heroic Magic Duel

First, you will have to start the game using three lanes. Choose the home base on each side, your opponent’s on the right side and yours is on the left side. Now drag a card simply from the hand onto one of these three lanes. While doing so, assume that you have sufficient ability to beckon a unit that will march on the opponents’ base in the intention of causing damage to them.

Others will play according to your expectation. You know your opponents and the unit that is going to damage your opponent’s base. Your opponent places down the units. All these units have some special capabilities. It is important to understand their capabilities to counteract immediately.

When your opponent will place down units, you should try hard to defeat your enemy units so that you can march on their base and then you can deal with all the important damage.

Players will get larger and slow units with damage output and high HP, multi-units, and much more. You will be able to get a multi-man unit with low health.

It is pretty easy to use a starter deck. A beginner will not have any difficulty to use it. You just need to follow the simple rules to use the starter deck. The reaper card needs to slice through the multiple units freely. But it has quite low health. The Archer units and Undead Horde have the capability to summon multiple units at a time. This really works well to slow down your enemies. However, this is not considered best for the damage output.

The key to success is to penetrate your opponent’s units. Therefore, it is important for a player to breakdown the opponent’s unit. This is the best way to penetrate their base. However, you should not underestimate your enemies. Try all the possible ways to protect your base while penetrating your opponent’s base.

Follow these simple tips to rank up fast in Heroic Magic Duel. You should always try to penetrate your opponent base and protect yours.