Minecraft The Big Comeback In 2019

Minecraft The Big Comeback In 2019


2019 has had its share of excitement and new addition. One such addition was Minecraft. This is a 10-year old video game and today the iconic block builder it certainly in for a big comeback. We need to bear in mind that Minecraft has silently been dominating video games during this ten year period. According to Mojang’s count in 2018 there must have been around 91 million unique players who must have logged each month in this across all platforms. Minecraft is dominating not only in the mainstream. It is becoming quite popular even amongst Google searches. One good thing is that almost each and every star on YouTube is ready to endorse Minecraft and it has become the favorite of many advertisers because of a few obvious reasons. Minecraft is not violent and also it has always stayed away from controversies. Children love it. The comeback of this game could also be because of changing attitudes and other such things.

Grandayy Has Some Unique Plans

It has been a year since YouTube creator Grandayy came out with the idea of Minecraft Holiday. Grandayy is famous for his Minecraft memes. He made this suggestion to Keemstar who happens to be a YouTube reporter. Grandayy literally pleaded with Keemstar to host the idea of Minecraft Holiday. Keemstar agreed to it and he brought in new and big names. This was done with the objective of attracting big viewership. There were some big names to boost viewership and Fortnite Superstar Ninja Blevins was one such name. It would be pertinent to mention that Blevin alone was responsible for bringing in a viewership of around one million.

This happened on Twitch in the first week. PewDiePie was the next person who agreed to Keemstar and he too started participating in the event along with James Charles. He was a beauty guru. Suddenly, Mojang’s sandbox was all over the place. This helped Minecraft quite immensely. It was just a matter of time before it became a spectacle again. As per the report emanating from Keemstar there are millions of people who tune in to his show each and every week.


The Contribution From Kjellberg

There is one more name that is driving the interest in Minecraft. He is Kjellberg who is a Swedish YouTuber. He got into Minecraft playing in June and the various installments of his are getting fantastic views and feedbacks. The first in such series had an amazing 21 million views. A YouTube representative took keen interest on this and talked about the resurgence of Minecraft to Polygon and cited him as a specific example of various new video trends and video format as far as the game Minecraft is concerned.


Reasons For Kjellberg’s Popularity

There were a few reasons for the growing popularity of Kjellberg’s playthrough. One such reason was that YouTuber was continuously joking about his refusal to play with Minecraft. The reason for his refusal to play was more to do with the game. He was not happy about high-profile YouTubers we trying and taking the game back to its heydays though they may not be enjoying it too much. This resulted in quite a bit of excitement and perhaps even shock for many of the delighted fans. This could be one of the reasons for increased demand and it continues to be so even today.


It If Flexible

Compared to other such games Minecraft is not rigid and straight-jacketed. According to many, the game has now become flexible enough and therefore it is now becoming necessary to define the game in his channel. He also is playing for the simple reason he loves it. Secondly, it also gives him a chance to monetize the game sooner than later. According to him, should Minecraft become too boring and monotonous, he has the option of moving to other things and this flexibility is something that is close to Kjellberg’s heart. Further, it is also an advertiser-friendly game.

Therefore at the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that Minecraft Monday has been able to send shockwaves as far as the entire YouTube is concerned. Kjellberg continues to own the game and this also has been one of the reasons for its grand comeback in a tough, competitive and crowded spaces. The game has also been able to maintain interest via the various updates and update features. Minecraft certainly is treading a new and more promising path, to say the least.