Upcoming Gaming News Roundup

Upcoming Gaming News Roundup


With the release of the Switch Lite in September, there are plenty of upcoming new releases planned for handheld consoles. All is not quiet on the PC front either. Here is the biggest upcoming gaming news of the week:

New Update for Fallout 76 Wastelanders in 2020

Bethesda announced a major new update for Fallout 76 Wastelanders, which was supposed to be released later this year, but is now set to arrive in 2020. There will be promising new features, according to the developer. In particular, the update would make use of more RPG elements.

The key elements of the announced update include perk loadouts, a public test server, and a legendary system. The update aims to make gameplay smoother, especially with the addition of the test server. Some new features include quality of life improvements based on player feedback, Bethesda said. In the Wastelanders expansion, there would be more story quests, companion characters, opposing factions, and dialogue.

The developer strongly hinted at a text-based chat window for the PC version of the game. Unlike most MMOs, Fallout doesn’t have this crucial feature. What’s more, players who get kicked out of servers might be able to rejoin after meeting certain timeline conditions.

Nothing is confirmed yet. However, based on what Bethesda says, players can expect a high likelihood of features that Bethesda only hints at.

Call of Duty: Mobile to be Available for PCs

Some interesting news came out this week about the much talked-about CoD mobile game. Developer GameLoop said the CoD: Mobile would be playable on PCs. There will be “exclusive key mapping,” that allows you to play the game with keyboard and mouse controls on a PC.

The game may follow a similar emulator as PUBG Mobile, which even allows PC version players to match up with other players on emulators. The exact details of how the PC version works out isn’t clear.

CoD: Mobile will be free-to-play upon release. The game would come with a battle pass and a battle royale multiplayer mode, which acts as in-game currencies. There will be an in-game store for purchases.

CoD mobile emulator might be welcome news for those with low-end PCs or laptops. The mobile game specs will be considerably lower compared to the fully-featured console game. With the emulator, you might be able to play CoD not just on a tablet but also on a computer with a modest graphics card.

Halloween Release Planned for Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion has been a fan favorite since Nintendo released this mini Mario spinoff six years ago. Following much speculation, Nintendo officially announced that Luigi’s mansion would get a sequel, which would be released as a Switch exclusive this Halloween.

There are lots of new features expected in the series, plus the spooky theme. Nintendo has promised “plenty of puzzles” as well as Gooigi, a form Luigi can transform himself into to slip or jump through tricky places.

The story is quite simple. Luigi is invited to a hotel by Mario and Peach. Lore and behold, the hotel isn’t exactly what it seems to be on Halloween. The aforementioned hotel will be decked out with new features including a theatre and a green room.

Luigi would get three new functions which include slamming ghosts to the floor, shooting them with a burst of air, or doing a “suction shot,” where he destroys items with his trademark plunger. Luigi will get an updated vacuum called the Poltergust G-00.

There would also be two multiplayer modes. During the ScareScaper co-op multiplayer mode, a second player can take control of Gooigi. A different competition multiplayer mode will be available too. Nintendo is planning for DLC content for the new Luigi’s Mansion, which would most likely be released in the near future.