Confirmed News About Apple Arcade Games

Confirmed News About Apple Arcade Games


There were a few new exciting and important announcements at the 10th Apple Event held in September this year. However, the biggest takeaway was the new announcements pertaining to Apple Arcade. Quite a few details about the new list of Arcade games were indeed welcomed with quite a bit of interest and excitement. The new launches are expected to happen around September 19, 2019. The good thing is that it is extremely affordable and is supposed to cost only around $4.99 a month. The news is that Apple Arcade can also be shared amongst various family members. Subscribers will also be able to play more than 100 exclusive games. They will be able to play the games using iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Mac title. They can also make use of the same as many times as they perhaps would like. It also will have a number of game trailers, and editorial contents such as sneak peeks and game guides are also important things that could interest many fans.


It May Not Be A Streaming Service

Though full details are still awaited, there are many who believe that it will not have a streaming service. It is believed that the players will be able to download all the games using the App store. Once the games are downloaded they can play them. The good thing is that they can do so without the need for a high speed internet connection. The list of full games that will be available are also not clear and it might take some before the list becomes public. As we read this article, it is possible that studios such as Bossa and Lego are in the process of creating titles that have been specially made for the Arcade. Therefore, it will only be a matter of time before more number of games is added to the list in the coming months.


A Look at a Few Games

During the event under review, many people had a chance to preview quite a few games. A few games that were previewed included Frogger in Toy Town and also the much awaited Sayonara Wild Hearts. The newly talked about Shin Sekai was also reviewed. It included the one with the Capcom title know as Into the Depths. This is awesome and unique because it is set in a completely underwater world. The games were shown by way of a demo on an iPad. The list is quite big and it may not be possible to list down all of them. However, we will have a look at a few of them for the consumption of our readers so that they get a reasonably good idea about the kind of games that can be expected. In fact there are around thirty two games and more such games are expected to hit the stands over the next few months. We are listing down a few games for information sake:

Ballistic Baseball, Agent Intercept, Beyond Blue, Bleak Sword, Box Project, Cardopaclypse amongst others. It would be better to visit the internet and get to know the full details of the different games that are a part of Apple Arcade Games.


Some Information Emerging From The Grapevine

There are also some whispers that are emerging from the grapevine and they are quite interesting. There are many who believe that No Man’s Sky is all ready and should be a part of the Apple Arcade sooner than later. This news was available on Twitter and was noticed by some smart user. He or she came across an advertisement about the service. This advertisement was featured in the game’s title and its imagery was available across Apple TV. This was supposed to be using Apple Arcade. Apart from the above, there are many who believe that there are some more big announcements that are expected quite soon. These new announcements are likely to be made around the same time when the Apple Arcade’s launch during September of this year.


The Final Word

When we look at the initial reports that are emerging in bits and pieces from various source, a few things become sketchy though it may not be very clear. The new editions of the Apple Arcade games are going to be different in terms of contents and quality. The number of games will also be quite a few and therefore customers will be able to get the best value for money at all points of time.