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Facts You should Know about Resident Evil 6

There is no doubt that Resident Evil 6 is hugely popular but it has its own supporters and opponents. There are many who believe that the original series has come closest to the actual horror environment. The original was inspired by the much talked about and terrifying Famicom game, Sweet Home. However, as the new sequels unfolded the viewers could see more action and it has become quite focused with each sequel. Though there are some people who may have liked Evil 3, those who have seen Sweet Home would not find it very scary, to say the least. However, having said that, we would like to point the Evil 2 Remake was also quite creepy indeed. It would also be pertinent to mention here that Revelations did indeed take the game to where it belonged and it was the roots. Though there might be many new sequences, the boat sequence indeed was something that we should be talking about. There are also some parts of RE6 that have scared viewers for many reasons though it does look something out of the way and not a natural evolution as far as the previous sequels are concerned


Some Good Takeaways

Though there are some good things about Resident Evil 6, the campaign of Leon and Helena has been a big takeaway. There are many things good about it and the awesome over the top helicopter ride across a city that is infested with zombies is certainly worth having a look at, not once, but many times. This has some resembles to some parts of Resident Evil 2. The pair are in a school campus and it indeed looks great when Helena, despite the odds, is keen that they make their presence at the cathedral.

It needs to be kept in mind that the abundant supply of ammunitions has perhaps gone to reduce the fear factor quite a bit. But the plot and the twists and turns along the way are things that seem to make lot of sense. The situations where one gets stuck in the elevator with the daughter and father who have been rescued with lot of difficulty, continues to remain etched in the minds of many. The tragic event of the daughter being infected and turning on to bite the father and then you, is certainly extremely frightening and fearful. All this happening in the claustrophobic environment of an elevator will certainly send shivers down the spine and those who have weak hearts may not be able to withstand it.


Some Illustrations About Resident Evil 6

The scenes where you have to enter an underground subway space is also quite interesting. The scenes where you have to run for dear life in a tunnel that is dimly lit can set adrenaline racing. You also can see the lengthening shadows of zombies ahead of you and their unnatural movements makes the entire sequence, terrifying, ominous and unprecedented to say the least. You have no other option but to keep moving ahead and the whole pack of blood thirsty zombies are running behind you and are determined with their objective, to say the least. There are more numbers of zombies than what you may have come across in the classic Romero Ones. You also have sequences where one of the zombie jumps and sprints towards Leon and engages in a blood-curdling, deathly leap. Though it was possible to get an accurate headshot and blow the head off, the body still comes hurtling towards the person. This again is highly frightening. You can also never forget the Zombie dog that are out there on the prowl and ready to hunt the pair down.


Matters Do Become More Tense

The matters do become tense as the trains are still running and it increases the risk of characters being crushed unless they are able to get out of the way as soon as possible. There are umpteen instances of people getting devoured by Zombies. All this happens real-time and the scene where a woman, who is on the lookout for a person known as Peter gets totally ripped apart as she rushes to a door. This apart from instilling a sense of fear also leads to a state of panic and chaos. There are many who feel that such a sense of fear, chaos, and confusion that perhaps has not been experienced anywhere.


To sum up, and put things in perspective, there is no denying the fact that there are quite a few things fantastic about RE6 and there is a feeling that we are in an open space and then gradually we are being funneled into a corridor that is tight and with very little room for maneuvering and escaping. Yes, there are other sequences of Resident Evil that have become iconic and different. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that this one certainly looks and feels like an apocalyptic rail shooter. It certainly has many things that make you feel that you are always being impelled towards the forward movements.

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