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Fast & Furious game is coming to PS4

Some outstanding announcements, as well as surprises, took place in the Game Awards held in Los Angeles, California this year.

It was Michael Rodriguez who made the announcements after taking the stage at the Microsoft Theater that plans were being made for “Fast & Furious Crossroads” which is a new game coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in this New Year. It can boast of featuring both the stars namely Vin Diesel as well as Michael Rodriguez and is from the movie mega-franchise together with none other than Tyrese Gibson and it is being developed by Slightly Mad Studios who are also responsible for creating Project Cars. It is being published by Bandai Namco. Recently Fast & Furious Crossroads was acquired by Codemasters which is a reputed as well as award-winning British video game publisher and developer.

It is a fact that not many details regarding the gameplay have been disclosed yet; in spite of that, it is safe to assert that game enthusiasts can expect lots of high-speed vehicles most of which will be equipped with heavy weaponry along with cinematic backdrop as an add-on.

This game was described by Bandai Namco as a team-based as well as a vehicular-heist action video game where the gamers will be traveling from the streets of bizarre locales to the gloomy world of global espionage while pulling off high-speed stunts as well as heists while they combat for taking down a fresh threat. One of the incredible stunts will consist of a death-defying jump onto a moving train from a vehicle and there will also be lots of other gadgets in the game as well.

Considered to be amongst the most highly anticipated games of the year 2020, Fast & Furious Crossroads is also going to star the likes of Asia Kate Dillon of 'John Wick: Chapter 3' along with Sonequa Martin-Green of 'The Walking Dead'.

Andy Tudor, who is the Chief Creative Officer of Slightly Mad Studios asserted that being enthusiastic and huge supporters of the franchise, it is going to be an honor to have the ability to expand the franchise of the Fast & Furious with a new brand story, stunning as well as iconic set pieces plus the introduction of a fresh crew with ties to lovable characters into the video gaming world.

Chris Gilbert who is BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing asserted that the all-star voiceover cast, action-packed gameplay as well as a genuine experience of Fast & Furious continues their mantra of providing more fun and excitement for everyone out there. He also added that it is a fantastic addition to their powerful catalog of entertainment and amusement for supporters of every age out there.

Once the announcement had been already made, it was followed by an official trailer that depicted the fans a glimpse of what the game would actually appear to be in the long run. Although the trailer is not able to provide many details regarding how the game is going to play, one can assert safely and easily with the preceding information that the game is going to involve driving vehicles extremely fast in near proximity to explosions.

It had been described by a press release from Bandai Namco as a team-based plus vehicular-heist action game where the gamers are going to travel from the highways of unusual locales to the oppressive world of worldwide espionage while pulling off some outstanding stunts and heists while they battle for taking down an innovative threat.

Following the trailer during the Game Awards, Vin Diesel was invited by Michael Rodriguez onto the stage in the middle of huge cheers from the crowd present at the event.

While talking about his personal excitement when it comes to playing the characters from the movie in the video game itself, it was further revealed by Vin Diesel to Michael Rodriguez that he had the opportunity of witnessing the 4-minute trailer of the forthcoming Fast & Furious 9 the night before and according to him, it was absolutely insane.

Afterward, the Game of the Year award was presented by both these stars (Vin Diesel as well as Michael Rodriguez) to none other than “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”.

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