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GTA VI – What We Know So Far

It’s hard to believe that GTA V came out all the way in 2013 – and on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, no less! Now that GTA Online is a bona fide success in its own right and the game itself is the most successful single media property ever released, there’s little doubt there will be a sequel but there is some speculation as to when.

After all, if you’re Rockstar, you want to keep that money printer running until it runs out of ink and it doesn’t look like GTA Online is going to run out of steam anytime soon (especially if plans of even more content on the way are to be believed). Nonetheless, we as gamers can’t help but think about the future and that means the inevitable release of GTA VI.

And, with the next-gen consoles right on the way next year, there’s no better time than now to talk about what the future might hold for GTA’s next installment. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the hotter rumors and speculation out there to try to give you some idea of where GTA VI stands today. Keep in mind that absolutely nothing is verified and, indeed, once it is you’ll be the first to know. That said, here’s what we know so far about Grand Theft Auto VI.

One of the most persistent rumors around GTA VI is that it will feature an absolutely massive open world (think San Andreas). What these rumors describe is a game that spans the entirety of the I-95 corridor or the strip on the East Coast that goes between New York City all the way down to Florida. There are a lot of urban areas, as well as rural ones, in between.

Not only that, but I-95 is known for being a popular highway for drug trafficking and the like though, again, let’s remember that this is a fictional version of our world and not a literal representation. Nonetheless, it looks like we’re going to see Liberty City and Vice City return, among a few other new locales.

As you can imagine, given this much space, the devs will be pressed to fill it up with stuff to do but, as Rockstar has proven time and again, it will be done and it will be glorious. The return of Vice City has long been speculated among the community and the inclusion of a huge map like that of the East Coast of the United States would fulfill the dual rumors that Vice City will return and that the world will be massive.

As for the general aesthetic and approach, things grow a bit murkier here. Many rumors about GTA VI posit it as a kind of Scarface version of the Grand Theft Auto world with a setting that begins in the 1970s and either changes as time moves forward or is set primarily in that time period.

The theory that the world of GTA VI changes as time passes is both interesting and extremely complex. The rumors around this have said that everything from architecture to the in-game music, clothing, and general aesthetic changes to match the era within which the narrative takes place.

This theory posits that GTA VI is not only a Scarface-esque take on the genre but a whole panoply of 1980s gangster and action movies.

This is where things get murky. Most of the salient rumors about the game center around Vice City and a 1980s retro revival. True, nearly everything 1980s and neon is experiencing a resurgence of later, but that doesn’t mean GTA VI will be set exclusively or primarily in that era. The changing eras rumor is interesting, but the one that seems to be the one concrete fact we can all touch on is that the next world map will be gigantic.

Focusing on just Vice City or a limited area around it would not fulfill that rumor nor that fan expectation. There are some rumors out there that GTA VI will span multiple locations across the globe as well (mainly South America and the Carribbean – or at least GTA’s version of it).

Whether this rumor has come out of some sort of limited play area in the upcoming GTA VI (think Guarma in Red Dead Redemption 2) or if the player will actually be jetsetting back and forth between hubs remains to be seen. Given that the 1970s and 1980s were the era when air travel really started to take off, traveling back and forth between hubs and taking advantage of the emerging jetset lifestyle would remain within the theme the rumors outline.

If there is one thing many of us remember about viewing Scarface and movies like it is that there is a center decadence and extravagance associated with the gangster life and all signs point to that being a central theme in GTA VI (as it has been in previous games).

That is to say that the main objective in GTA VI will be to build out an empire as a drug kingpin and all that entails. This is the rumor that somewhat ties everything together and makes the rest make sense as much as possible.

What we are hearing is that GTA VI will not only take advantage of the next gen consoles’ power but also will present a game from Rockstar unlike any before it. Given this, it becomes hard to predict what exactly the game will be like without delving into hardcore imagination and pure speculation. While it is possible that the various rumors are cobbled together in order to support one another, it is more likely that there is some truth to the collective whispers.

If so, that means that GTA VI will be an open-world game unlike any other Rockstar has made and one that should combine the best aspects of GTA V, IV, Vice City, San Andreas, and even a bit of the Red Dead Redemption series.

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