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Kojima Productions Confirm PC Release for Death Stranding

The highly-anticipated and widely reviewed “Death Stranding” will get a PC release in 2020, Kojima Productions, the developer behind the game, recently confirmed.

Latest “Death Stranding” PC News

No exact release date has been revealed yet, but the company announced that “Death Standing” on PC would be available sometime “early” in the summer next year. Kojima Productions didn’t elaborate further on their “early summer” claim, but fans are speculating on a June release.

The announcement confirms that “Death Stranding” won’t be a PlayStation exclusive, as some fans and reviewers suspected. However, Kojima Productions didn’t express where the PC version of the game would be released. Official announcements have stated the PC version would be published by 505 Games. No specific details are available so far, just a press release promising more revelations in the “near future.”

How is “Death Standing” Faring on PS4?

The Hideo Kojima production was released recently on PS4 consoles and the game is already receiving mixed reviews from major publications. Most reviewers praise gameplay features, but described the overall storyline as “slow.”

True to the Kojima style, “Death Stranding” features a complicated and mysterious storyline. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic America where cities exist in isolation. The playable protagonist has to traverse the hazard-filled wilderness between these cities to make deliveries (yes, the main character is a deliveryman). The first hour or so of the game can be confusing, as players are sent on quests without any specific story elements.

The game relies heavily on cutscenes to reveal plot details in segments that the player has to connect in the end to understand the larger story. Generally, the overall plotline mixes sci-fi and fantasy to an absurd degree, while many down-to-earth side stories keep players incentivized to progress, according to early reviews.

The gameplay mainly comprises “fetch quests,” according to one reviewer. In this sense, “Death Stranding” is like an MMORPG, where players have to grind for resources to level up. The task-oriented gameplay might not be for everyone, but the story elements do keep things engaging, as early reviewers claim. But don’t expect things to progress fast like most mainstream games.

Will There be a Differences between the PS4 and PC versions of “Death Stranding”?

It’s too early to definitively say whether the PC version of “Death Stranding” would be too different from the PS4 release. The developer has not specified any such changes so far.

The game most likely won’t have any story differences between the two versions. There could be technical improvements, however. It’s not unusual for PC releases to have different or improved graphical elements, faster frame rates, and so on.

It’s unlikely that the gameplay would change. The developer might release PC exclusive features to entice new players to purchase the game though. In any case, it’s too early to tell.

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