Last of Us 2 Finally Gets a Release Date

Last of Us 2 Finally Gets a Release Date


It’s official. The much-anticipated sequel to Last of Us will be released on February 21, 2020, the official PlayStation U.S. blog reported.

In the post, Neil Druckmann, one of the directors of the original game, thanked fans for being “very patient” with the release that’s been in the works for several years. He confirmed that production is just wrapping up in “Naughty Dog’s most ambitious and longest game in our 35 year history.” The news followed the release of a new trailer for Last of Us Part II on State of Play, which is now available to watch on YouTube.

Why Last of Us Remains so Popular

The first installment of the beautifully designed Last of Us was a massive hit among critics and players alike. The game took players through a gritty post-apocalyptic United States overrun by wilderness, infectious fungi, scary monsters, and even scarier humans.

The post-apocalyptic setting is inarguably overused in video games. But Last of Us stood out for its excellent world-building and highly realistic characters. The game follows Ellie, a regular girl with a secret, and Joel, a smuggler tasked with taking Ellie to supposed safety. What initially seemed to be a rather predictable plot offered many twists and turns as players progressed through the game.

Last of Us traded in the gore and action of Naughty Dog’s other well-known title “Uncharted” for an emotional rollercoaster ride. And the fans loved it. The exceptional narrative choices were coupled with innovative gameplay.

The game follows the survival-horror genre closely, but the gameplay was varied and full of choices throughout. The story involves combat with different types of weapons, light puzzle solving, and making text-based choices. The combat mode stood out for its stealth mode where tactics were prioritized over brute power.

The original game was intended as a standalone with a conclusive ending. But the popularity of Last of Us spawned several re-worked editions, and a sequel was subsequently announced. The game has been in development for five years. It will be released on PS4.

What’s New in Last of Us Part II?

Naughty Dog has been largely mum on what’s new in Last of Us 3. Druckmann, in his blog post, said that the sequel would explore “difficult choices” the character Ellie has to face. The heroine of the story might have to make a few morally ambiguous decisions in a violent world. The teaser trailer and the new trailer show more violence, expanding on the themes of the original game.

The game developers also confirmed that the much loved multiplayer mode of the original would be available for the sequel as well. The first multiplayer mode allowed up to eight players battle in an open setting. Naughty Dog hasn’t specified whether the second installment would follow the same formulae or if there would be new changes.

Ellie is expected to be the primary playable character in the sequel. In the original, it was Joel, and Ellie was mostly an NPC. In the sequel, Ellie would have her own NPC companion, the developers said. It’s not clear whether this would be Joel.

The second part is set several years after the first installment. Ellie, who is a young teenager in the first part, would now be 19, almost an adult. Joel also appears to be much older in his brief appearances in promotional material. His hair and beard noticeably have white streaks.

The sequel would be set in a ruined Seattle. There would be a thematic shift from love in the first game to revenge.

There will be at least two new characters who made an appearance in the trailer—Dina, a possible love interest for Ellie, and Jesse, a friend or an ex of Dina’s. Joel’s brother Tom would also appear in the sequel.

There are some minor changes when it comes to combat, though details are not yet available. Trailers show Ellie performing certain actions she wasn’t able to in the first game. The developers have said the opponents in the new game would be tougher as well.

Preorder Bonuses and Special Edition

You can preorder the game now on the PlayStation Store. For players who do, Sony will offer a training manual and an ammo capacity upgrade.

The game would also be available as a special Digital Deluxe Edition. Special edition preorders get Ellie’s tattoo cosmetic for PSN avatars.