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Modern Warfare New Release This Week

Excited about the Modern Warfare new release and want to know everything about Infinity Ward's latest Modern Warfare game? Check out our in-depth look at what's new and the things you can look forward to when the game comes out on October 25.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The fourth iteration of the Modern Warfare series doesn't come with a number, and with good reason. The developers over at Infinity Ward state that the new Modern Warfare is actually a reboot of the beloved series.

So, Modern Warfare gets a storyline reset, and now you'll experience a realistic world where events are somewhat parallel with the real world. You can also look forward to seeing beloved characters, such as Captain John Price make their appearances in-game.


As you may know, the graphics on Modern Warfare won't be equal on hardware. For example, the PC port gets DirectX Raytracing, a move that indicates Infinity Ward is working with the guys at Nvidia for its GeForce RTX cards. Ray tracing may sound graphical, but it does have a use for audio.

Audio director for Modern Warfare Stephen Miller mentions that ray tracing can play 3 different sounds, depending on the point of impact. Players will hear different cues on sounds that behave with the geometry.

Additionally, the DXR support means the game devs have updated their IW engine for the DX12 platform.


Crossplay Support

Modern Warfare fans, rejoice! Crossplay support is here, which means you can now play with people regardless of the consoles they own, e.g., Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

To activate this feature, you'll need to enable it by linking a Call of Duty account. It's worthy to note that crossplay works on almost all multiplayer modes (except for competitive tournaments and ranked).

Every player's name in a crossplay pre-game lobby will display their current control scheme, e.g., mouse and keyboard or controller. Technically, the game will try to pair you up with same-scheme individuals, but this can be disabled. You can group with friends effortlessly even when you have different control schemes.



Gunsmithing is a cool-sounding feature that allows players to customize their secondary and primary weapons depending on how they want to play on multiplayer mode.

Fancy getting up close and personal with opponents? Choose a combination that's deadly at close range. Like to shoot enemies from afar? A sniper rifle should do nicely. There's one caveat though- Modern Warfare only gives you five upgrades for each weapon, which forces you to evaluate and compare which ones you really need.


Killstreak Rewards

Love killstreak rewards? We love 'em, and now they're making a glorious comeback with the release of the new Modern Warfare. Basically speaking, killstreak rewards are activated whenever you score multiple kills without dying.

Some of the neat killer rewards you can look forward are aircraft that bombards the map with phosphorus to burn and blind opponents, an assault tank fitted with a .50 caliber machine gun and juggernaut assault gear.



Tamagunchi is a neat and fun addition to new Modern Warfare multiplayer. The term is a play on the virtual toy 'Tamagotchi', which became popular in the 90s.

Here, you wear Tamagunchi on your virtual wrist and listen to it exclaim with delight as you kill enemies. The thing starts in an egg and grows depending on your multiplayer performance. The more kills, the more your Tamagunchi grows and evolves. It literally needs the blood of your enemies to thrive. How cool is that?


Special Ops Mode

Special Ops is a 4-player co-op mode where you work together to achieve an objective. The survival spec-ops mode will be exclusive to the PS4 until the year 2020, October 1 as part of the agreement between Sony and Activision.

But don't worry, as there are other spec-op modes you can play come launch day. Unfortunately, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will not have the Zombies mode, which could prove to be good news, as the focus lies more on the co-op missions.


Season Pass

Modern Warfare will not have a season pass, which means players can get more content and maps for free as they come out on a regular basis. Modern Warfare fanatics can look forward to events without having to shell out extra bucks.


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