New Game Releases This August 2019

New Game Releases This August 2019


The month of July 2019 is coming to an end. Hence the new releases for August 2019 are lined up to address the needs of customers for the new month. Madden NFL 20 releases the new offerings at the start of the month. Hence, the month of August will see some exciting releases and this includes Astral Chain and Blair Witch amongst others..


Madden 20

Many might have had access to Madden 20, but the public launch of this kicks off in the new month. This game for this year comes with new features such as Face of the Franchise and more. It is a campaign that could help to take a player from college career to the NFL Proper. Some professionals make use of special abilities during the games because of the new X-Factors of Superstar.


The Latest For Alan Wake

The latest from Alan Wake and Quantum Break Developer Remedy has some exciting things. It gets the name from FBC or Federal Bureau of Control. This is a fictional government agency that is supposed to handle cases where the laws of physics do not work or they do not add up. It also will see the entry of protagonist Jesse Faden who is capable of flinging bad guys and also float around making use of her psychic powers. She has seemingly infiltrated into the FBC to find and rescue her missing brother. It is not easy and she has to shoot her way through amongst men in black to accomplish her mission.


The Older Version Of WOW

Are you keen on getting back the older and time-tested version of WOW? If yes, then you are perhaps going to be happy about it. Classic is exactly the thing that you have been waiting for. Classic has quite a few things in common with WOW. He plays and looks the way WOW did so during the earlier version of 1.12 (as per the Drums of War updates). This happened during a time before the Burning Crusade was even launched. The good thing is that WOW subscribers would be able to get access to Classic without having to bear any additional cost.


Platinum Games

If you have the right knowledge and information about Platinum Games’ Portfolio of titles such as Vanquish and Baoynetta, then you have reasons to know as to what to expect from Astral Chain. There are quite a few exciting things and it also pertains to your popular police officer protagonist. He is chained dangerously to a living weapon known by the name Legion. Only the two of you have the capability to swing around and move around in the battlefield. The battle is certainly going to be tough because you will have to encounter and win over huge monsters in a combat that is deadly and is also stylish. It is quite likely that you might have been able to guess about it from the name. You perhaps will also be able to travel to the Astral Plane to know as to where the monsters had originated from.


Layers Of Fear Has Some Exciting Things

Bloober Team is the developer of Layers of Fear. They are now planning for a revisit to this famous cult classic movie franchise. They are doing so with this much expected canon game. This will feature quite a few things. They include the tantalizing and psychological horror flavor. You will, as a player be playing the role of a cop and will be looking for a missing boy. You will have to be found out in the haunted and famous Black Hills Forest. You have a few ammunition up your sleeve and this includes a good canine companion by the name Bullet. It has the capacity to sniff and find out any witches and other bad elements.


The Final Word

To sum up, the month of August is creeping up. The next releases will certainly have more new additions of games. Further, you also will have a chance to go back down memory lane and visit some of the titles that have been released previously. These include the famous collection of Guacamelee One-Two Punch and also the evergreen and highly popular Metal Wolf Chaos XD. These are supposed to be available in PS4, Switch, and PCs and also on Xbox One.