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Sony needs to move PS4 Players to PS5 quicker than In Previous Generations

If you are a gamer and wish to remain updated in the gaming universe, you are in the right place, because this article will definitely give you the information on what is Sony actually thinking about and its new action plan.

Yes, the rumors are true, the CEO of the PlayStation Jim Ryan wants PlayStation 4 owners to upgrade their gaming console to a new generation gaming console which will be released in 2020 according to Sony. It is none other than PlayStation 5. Seems like Jim Ryan and Sony have big plans next year.

PlayStation 4 also known as PS4 is an eighth-generation video game console that has been an enormous accomplishment for Sony. The PlayStation 2 of Sony which is on the top list of the bestselling video games console of all time has no threat of loosing the title even when PlayStation 4 is in second place. This is because Sony has to sell millions of PS4 copies for consecutive 6 years to leave behind PS2.

So now, due to this Sony has decided not to disturb the listing and planned to launch the next-generation game console that is PlayStation 5 or PS5 between October and December in 2020. New PlayStation supervisor Jim Ryan’s vision is crystal clear, he wanted the organization's fundamental objective to take the network from the present age to PS 5 as quickly as possible.

After taking the achievements of PlayStation 4 into consideration, Ryan told that the investment done on PS4 will be utilized and will deliver the PS4 community a transition into PS5. In simple words, the leverage of the brand will be transferred to upcoming generation.

Ryan in an interview also said that there are game enthusiasts who are engaged and have an intense passion for PlayStation to a quantity. They have not seen that amount of engagement in past generations. And as they flow in the direction of the subsequent generation that is towards 2020, one of their primary tasks is to take the gamer’s community who are using PS4 and give them a transition from PS 4 to PS 5.

It is obscure how Sony has planned to shift the players to the new console. Ryan mentioned that he is confident in the approach and is focused more on the games for the console. Besides that, he has not shared much information but as per his vision, he wants to globalize the PlayStation. Ryan proceeded to bring up that designers and distributors have given a great positive response on PS 5 advancement tools, this was a specific issue with PlayStation 3

According to him, the one factor that makes him positive is that what he is hearing from developers and publishers. They tell him that it is the convenience in which they are capable to get code running on PlayStation 5. It seems that he is the type of person who is not thinking about fixing anything now but instead he is ready for what’s coming next.

Because of the news in the air, the PS4 community is also cautious about the price tag in PlayStation 5. But the Chief financial officer of Sony, Hiroki Totoki in a conference shed a light on the issue. He said their team has calculated and analyzed the acceptable price of PS5 in the market along with platform penetration. This survey has resulted in the decision that PlayStation 5 will be affordable for gamers, as the company does not want their clients or the PS4 community to hesitate to upgrade to the next generation.

Sony has not officially announced the price of the console but taking into consideration some reliable sources and after understanding Sony’s strategy, the price may be and should be between 400$ to 600$

Gamers are already excited and wonder what the developers are up to. Because it has been revealed that games will have more life-like graphics, cinematic sequences will be more in detail which will give the gamer enough time to take a pause and understand the storyline and loading time will be eliminated.

This comes as Sony reshuffles its administration to get ready for the next generation, which includes more globalized plans and strategies.

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