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Changes to Nintendo Switch Arrival Of Overwatch

Though many thought it to be a rumor, it is now confirmed that Overwatch will be a part of Nintendo Switch. It will happen on October 15. However, the details are still very sketchy and not much information is available about the switch version and other specific and important details. The Nintendo Direct event also did not have anything important and significant to share except the fact that Overwatch is going to become a part of Nintendo Switch. However, there was one screen that talked about new ways to play. In other words this could mean that it could be played either on your TV or the mobile phone. Further, many believe that some new and exclusive features will also be added to this upcoming version. The rumors of Overwatch have been doing the rounds since late August. This was first noticed when case carrying overwatch themed switch first appeared in this ecommerce site. The case was quickly removed. This led many people to believe that the port would be soon coming to the market. This guesswork turned correct and it certainly was a case of intelligent investigation on the internet.

When Will It Be Available?

Now that the arrival of Overwatch is just a matter of time, there are many who could be ready to hazard some guess on the actual launch date. There are good reasons to believe that Overwatch will be available on Nintendo Switch as early as fall. This new also has been confirmed to Direct. The information had to be made public because of a few leaks. Further, there was a Kotaku report that suggested that Blizzard FPS was also being moved to the console. It is also believed that it will be possible to push payload on Nintendo Switch around October 15.

What Is Special About Overwatch

The shooter is colorful and it works on a team-based approach. It seems to be a good fit for the Nintendo Switch. However, it is still not sure as to how well it will run on the console. After all, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. The earlier version of Nintendo’s hybrid version could easily handle the challenging and demanding Witcher 3. Hence, there is a strong belief and confidence that one should be able to play Overwatch and that too at a decent frame rate. It could also work well while the players are on the go. Of course, it is expected that the data connection would be decent enough to support online-games, even when the players are on the move.

Overwatch can help to bring players together and it will be a wonderful experience of competing and cooperating. It does hold out quite a bit of optimism and positivity as far as the future is concerned. It is the result of three years’ of hard work and many types of game play enhancements. Overwatch developers, therefore, are quite excited working with Nintendo and provide the players with different ways of enjoying the entire Overwatch experience including the experience which they get while on the go.

Few Interesting Takeaways

There are a few interesting new additions as far as the Switch versions are concerned when compared to other platforms and motion control. For example, you get a widowmaker skin as bonus if it is a pre-order copy. Further, you also will get three months of Online Nintendo Switch along with the game. If you are able to log in by December 31, you will also get a golden loot box as a bonus. This will be in addition to one legendary item. Further, Blizzard also will be offering 15 bonus skins for the Overwatch Legendary Edition. The whole thing is expected to be made available in a boxed version. It also will have a download code and it will be priced at $39.99.

A Few Things May Not Be There

According to blizzard cross-play will not be available at the launch. Blizzard is aware of the potential that cross-play offer and they are seemingly working towards it with full dedication and focus. However, there is quite a bit of work to be done on each side of the platform and therefore it will take some time before it becomes a reality.

To sum up while this indeed is great news, not many access skins will be visible in the near future. However, it is believed that switch owners will soon be able to find out more about the game rather than anything else.

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