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Facts You Must Know About The Latest Version Of Battleship

We have well and truly come a long way as far as online and computer games are concerned. Today, as we look around, it is quite obvious that we can see many dozens of games and therefore we can choose the game that is close to our heard and mind and suited to our age, gender and skill sets. As far as war games are concerned, gone are the days when children used scribbled grids on a piece of paper and try and make good whatever was available to them. Today, we have the most modern version of Hasbro with all the good things that one could expect. These include plastic pegs and other such things.

Amongst the many war games, there are reasons to believe that Battleship has continued to be hugely popular amongst scores of thousands of fans, men and women, young and old across the world. The game has of course gone through many changes in tune with changing times. The latest change is the objective of making it even more tactical and interesting. With this in mind, the game is moving towards the much sought after and expected Nintendo Switch. This certainly is a huge development and the credit for this should go to the British developer and publisher by the name Marmalade Games Studio. Marmalade, over the years, has become famous and also has specialization when it comes to creating digital versions of the many popular board games. However, they do so without disturbing the essential elements of the game play. The company has gone ahead and put in the market both the Android and iOS versions of BATTLESHIP and hence a Switch version seems to be the right decisions and perhaps the next logical step.


Features Of BATTLESHIP For Nintendo

There are two interesting modes as far as BATTLESHIP for Nintendo is concerned they are the Commanders Mode and the Classic Mode. The Classic mode is suited more for those who belong to the traditional frame of mind. They are the ones who are happy playing the game by its standard rules, on a mobile gaming device, preferably. On the other hand, Commanders Mode does shake up things a little bit. It has some special and additional abilities and these include airstrikes, mine planting, and sonar scanning. As the game continue to progress, it also offers other features such as unlocking of an electric line-up of commanders. The scenarios and locations of the same are taken from mythology and history. It could be the role of a naval officer in WWII, or it could also be an Amazonian commander who might have been caught up in the tough Attic War. Hence there is no denying the fact that the new features certainly bring in a wonderful mix of new world of BATTLESHIP with the use of modern day gadgets and weaponry systems. However, since it is set against the backdrop of World War II scenario, it will be a trip down memory lane for the elderly people while giving the youngsters a chance to understand and fathom as to what World War II was and how tough and demanding it would have been.


Online And Offline Mode

It also needs to be understood that the game features both offline and online mode. Hence, it gives the players a chance to test their tactical skills against many players across the world. On the other hand, if there are players who wish to go solo, then are free to do it. They can play the game against the computer. Further, there are also is an interesting multiplayer option. This feature can be enjoyed if the players are able to download the Battle Grid Companion App.


The Final Word

When all the above factors are taken into account and when one looks at the new feature with the Nintendo Switch certainly has quite a few things interesting and exciting. The good thing is that the changes to the BATTLESHIP game have been done thoughtfully and intelligently. It, therefore, should appeal to both the youngsters and elders. While the young boys and matured men would have a tendency to show more interest to the game including the Nintendo Version, there are dozens of young girls and even grown up women who are showing quite a bit of interest and exciting not only with the game in general but with the new changes in particular.

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