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Jedi Knight Game Ports will soon be on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

In somewhat-shocking news, Lucasfilm and game developer Aspry are going to be bringing their beloved Jedi Knight series back for a return–much like Emperor Palpatine (and his teased appearance in the upcoming, "Episode IX," movie) they maybe were not as dead as we thought. This September 24th the game, "Star Wars–Jedi King II–Jedi Outcast," will have its port for sale on both the PlayStation 4 in addition to the Nintendo Switch. The game features a single-player story-based campaign which is set eight years after the popular, "Return of the Jedi," movie and is being remastered with a port for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Another title coming in 2020 is, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight–Jedi Academy," which will be coming out during 2o2o. It takes place after the first remaster coming out and it involves Jedi students learning how to utilize the Force appropriately."
Star Wars–Jedi Knight II–Jedi Outcast," follows the fan-favorite character Kyle Katarn–who will be good to see in action again after all these years! Ever since Disney acquired Lucasflim almost anything from the, "Extended Universe," has been rendered out-of-continuity, but one would wonder if the game being remastered indicated that Kyle Katarn and his adventures could possibly be a part of, "Star Wars," canon now? It would be extremely neat as Katarn has an interesting history as a character who once was a member of the Galactic Empire, but then later joined the rebels and eventually becomes an instructor at an academy for Jedis and is second only to Luke Skywalker in how respected he is. "Star Wars–Jedi Knight II–Jedi Outcast," wasn't just well-regarded for its plot and character, but also loved for its exciting game-play that featured all kinds of weaponry and impressive lightsaber-swinging in addition to cool uses of, "The Force," that really carried a lot of impact considering the game first came out way back in 2002.
As was previously noted, it is also exciting that in 2020 the sequel to, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight II–Jedi Outcast," will be released as well. It was known as, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight–Jedi Academy," and the single-player mode featured you getting to play as Jaden Korr, a student studying under Kyle Katarn. There was also a multiplayer mode which was extremely popular at the time thanks to how users could utilize their force powers for everything from regular death-match fights to, "Capture the Flag," and other great games. It is a fantastic sequel and great game simply judged on its own merits. It too will be available for playing on a the Nintendo Switch plus the PlayStation 4 with the beloved multiplayer component included as well so that new players can discover just how fun the multiplayer can be when played with friends over the internet. It should also be noted that the Nintendo Switch version for both of these remastered ports will include support for Gyro aiming which players will undoubtedly appreciate.Both, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight II–Jedi Outcast," as well as, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight–Jedi Academy," were very popular when they were first released and feature some of the most beloved characters found within the extended universe of, "Star Wars."
Whether these newly remastered ports signify plans to possibly fold Kyle Katarn or Jaden Korr into the official, "Stars Wars," canon or simply is a case of Lucasfilm wanting to give players fun ports of popular games is unclear, but what is known would be that both games are fantastic in their single-player modes and the multiplayer options found within, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight–Jedi Academy," are sure to appeal to players excited to use their Force-powers against friends in an exciting assortment of modes. It will be an exciting trip down memory lane to play, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight II–Jedi Outcast," for many players come September 24th, and all the people who did not have a chance to play it back in 2002 will doubtlessly be excited to give it a try on their PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. Then, come 2020 it will be wonderful to play the multiplayer in, "Star Wars–Jedi Knight–Jedi Academy!" Now the big question that remains is what other exciting past, "Star Wars," games might be due for a remaster next?

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