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Nintendo Launches Revised Switch Units with Enhanced Battery Life

Nintendo Switch units which have undergone some modifications in the recent times that have resulted in enhanced and superior battery life and also the fact that they’re already out in the wild at present.

Nintendo did not waste any time and went ahead almost immediately after the announcement of the forthcoming Switch Lite had been made, and it was revealed by them quietly that another innovative and brand-new Switch model was actually going to appear on the scene within a short while from now. However, on this occasion, it was going to be a revised version of the “flagship” or original Switch featuring a significantly enhanced and better battery life as compared to the earlier version. Here, it will be interesting to note that this innovative revision will be having an alteration in the number of the model out there; in the United States of America, they are going to be identified with the serial code which is starting XKW and also the number reading HAC-001(-01).

In fact, it will not be difficult to identify this revised version and this can be easily done by observing the alteration that has happened to the packaging design out there. Although the original boxes have the color of white and red, the innovative and new ones are going to be all red and they will be showcasing the system at a completely different perspective.

One more intriguing thing to note here is the fact that this particular revised version of the Switch has been launched in such a manner that it will be available to the public in the month of August. It is officially the month of August right now, and this does imply that the sightings have already started to surface right now. As a matter of fact, this particular revision has already been made in countries including Australia and even Hong Kong. The revised versions have become more and more prevalent across the globe over time, and due to this, it is appearing that there is a huge possibility for the original version to phase out slowly but surely in the long run.

Modified Joy-Con, as well?

In recent times, “DreamcastGuy” who happens to be a well-known YouTuber based in the United States, was responsible for putting out a picture of his own self holding a box along with a modified Switch. In this particular caption, it is also claimed by him that the Joy-Con will also be able to feel “somewhat different”. He likewise commented that it does appear as though there has been some kind of modification when it comes to the material and thus he is of the notion that Nintendo has right now built them to be much stronger than before. It has also been mentioned by him that he would like to add more info on this particular point further in the upcoming days.

In yet another tweet, DreamcastGuy also mentions that this happens to be an innovative Nintendo Switch which includes a superior battery with a longer life and appears to have more robust Joy-cons than before so as to stay away from the drift problems.

In case it is a fact that what is thought by DreamcastGuy right now regarding the Joy-Con getting modified happens to be correct, then it does reveal the fact that Nintendo has actually been listening to all the criticism that has been made in recent times regarding the fact that these controllers come with a specific drawback of their own which happens to be the debatable and highly controversial sloppy build quality of these devices. At this particular point, I would like to make an assertion of my own. I have observed the fact that the company has made a considerable amount of effort and has also succeeded in enhancing the battery life of the switch to a great extent and this really deserves special mention. I am also aware of the fact that this had provoked a lot of controversy and debate in the past and I will not be at all surprised in case I do notice that enhancements have been made to the Joy-Con in the near future.


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