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Super Mario Bros Game and Watch Console: All You Need to Know about it

Nintendo’s 2020 fall Switch lineup could be lighter as compared to the earlier years. However, this company is likewise releasing a sort of new handheld machine. This is called Nintendo’s faux-retro machine. It is their latest release that focuses on a variable audient relative to SNES and NES classic consoles. It is sure to be a hit and hot item in this season. This holiday season, the pre-orders are due to be set up to enjoy their new gameplay from Super Mario history. The latest Super Mario Bros limited edition of handheld Game and Watch console is due to release on the 13th of November. It is decently priced at 50 dollars. As with Nintendo’s majority of the non-standard products, this is a limited edition and will not be available for long. The Game and Watch console company confirms it to be available only up to 31st of March, 2021. The availability also depends on as long as the supplies last. To get a hands-on one, pre-order, or hurry to grab the deal.

The Classic device gets an all-new look

Super Mario is a media franchise and a game series platform. Nintendo created the first gaming handheld system console with its mascot, Super Mario. The original device Game and Watch emerged in 1980 in Japan. This classic handheld device has got an all-new look with a special Game and Watch.

Elements of this Edition

The Game and Watch new edition is slick and filled with several games offered by Super Mario Bros. It has the classic Game and Watch ball game-a a juggling game, and the lost levels. Mario himself features like the ball. It keeps the original black and white outlook. It is accompanied by a working alarm and a digital clock with a Super Mario theme. Stomp Goombas, Jump right over the bottomless pits, enter warp pipes with tight controls that are the same as from the classic 80s.

Price-50 dollars


Super Mario Bros- The Game and Watch can be charged using a USB-C cable included in the purchase. The battery operates for about 8 hours post fully charged. The overall shape is similar to other handhelds of the Game and Watch series; however, the layout of the buttons is different. A and B buttons are given on a side that supports the controls of Super Mario Bros. Players see familiarity if they have games played on NES before.

About the Pre-order

Game and Watch of the Super Mario Bros is not yet available in the USA for a pre-order. However, Nintendo stated that the details for its pre-order should be given out soon. More information shall be available on it soon. Some other Super Mario products and games are set to release and the limited and new Game and Watch edition. These are due for release in view of the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the mascot. The pre-order release is from 13th November to 31st march of 2021.

These include

  • Bowser's Fury+ 3D World: Super Mario
  • All Stars-3D Super Mario
  • Mario Kart- all new and unique model

The Super Mario Bros-Game and Watch is set to release on November 13. The USA is not live for its preorders yet. However, Amazon and Best Buy have set up placeholder pages for a preorder. FCC has not previously authorized the new Game and Watch sale currently. Once the authorization finishes, the USA may take up preorders.

Game Description

Super Mario Game and Watch is a collectible game and a new handheld piece in the history of Super Mario Bros. It’s a modern adaptation of the original design of Game and Watch. It includes a + control pad to stomp, jump and leap with ease and accuracy.

Games in Super Mario Bros Game and Watch

The Lost Levels- Play and save the mushroom kingdom by accepting the challenge in this super whole game. Lost levels provide gameplay that adds some additional challenge to the player.

Super Mario Ball game- Play a unique game and watch a ball game that is a makeover of the past. It is a perfect blast into the past.

Save the mushroom kingdom- Jump, leap and stomp and save the mushroom kingdom.

Digital Clock-Take, a look at Super Mario, themed digital clock when you are not lost in a level, saving princess peach or the mushroom kingdom. With time, you will see anyone out of 35 variable animations. These also include guest appearances from Mario’s foes and friends.

Key Features

  • New Game and Watch is a collectible new piece from the history of Super Mario.
  • A limited-edition release on account of the 35th-anniversary celebration of the Super Mario Bros.
  • It is releasing on the 13th of November till 31st of March, 2021, or up to the availability of stocks.
  • Saving the Mushroom kingdom with a whole new game.
  • The lost levels put you to a kicking challenge.
  • Juggle the ball in the Super Mario ball game in Mario Bros style.
  • Surprises to watch out for when time changes in the Super Mario themed digital clock.
  • Gives a blast to the past super Mario.
  • Limited edition deal

Product Details

  • Dimensions of the package 6.3” x 3.54” x 0.86”
  • Weight- 4.64 Oz
  • Batteries- Lithium-ion battery- one-included
  • The model number of the item-HXASRAAAA
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo


The Super Mario Bros-Game and Watch release is a limited edition handheld console to pick up before the stock is gone. It is a limited time offer from Nintendo. It’s been released by the company on account of its 35th-anniversary celebrations. The company shall release it along with other games and products. The pre-order is due to release on 13th November. It shall be shipped until 31st of March of 2021. The limited edition is available as long as the stocks last. Post this time, All Stars Super Mario 3D and Super Mario Bros 35 are no longer sold. Hurry to get hands on your pre-order to not to miss a chance of Super Mario Game and Watch.

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