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Team Go Rocket is here! The New Pokemon Go Update

The game was first released by Nintendo in 2016 and has seemingly taken over the world. It has  done so well that Nintendo  decided to further venture into the world of mobile gaming, allowing for a new flagship Pokémon game to be released.This is Pokémon Masters, which will be available to users later this year. This is why even after three years, the mobile hit is still getting updates, making it more exciting for its players. That’s why earlier this month, Nintendo decided to tease the debut of the team rocket update. Through this, users could battle rocket grunts and gain special Pokémon. It was posted all over Pokémon Go’s social media, exciting players.  Fortunately for us, they’re here, finally! Are you ready for them to cause some trouble?

What Does The Update Mean?

The update rolled out a day ago which made fans all over the world shriek in excitement. With this, you now have the ability to take on Team Go Rocket, the Pokémon GO version of their televised counterpart. But what’s most interesting  is not just the fact that you have to battle them, but the ability to ‘steal’ special Pokémon off them once they are defeated. If you’re confused, don’t be. Allow me to explain.

Well, team go rocket possesses unique Pokémon that are similar to all the Pokémon present in the game, however, they have a dark veil around them. They’re shadow Pokémon! Shadow Pokémon unlike the ones in the game are possessed by a mysterious, dark aura. This changes their normal appearance into something more ‘shadowy’, giving them a special ability as well – frustration.

If you defeat the team rocket grunt, you’re allowed to capture the Pokémon they had with them, and then purify it, ridding it of the mysterious aura. If you’re ready to approach them, look for the poke stop sign, but this time it’s not blue, rather its grey. Once you’re there you need to spin the poke stop to activate the battle sequence.

The Update Decided To Glitch

This sounds relatively easy,  doesn’t it? But many users are reporting problems. For example, some users can’t even find them! People say that the poke stops don’t show up for them and If they do, the game decides to stop mid-battle.  Ouch! No one wants that.

But this was then. As gamers logged on today they found a new problem, a big problem. Literally every user that logged onto the app has reported that… they’re gone! Team Go rocket is missing!

Within a day of just getting here, the team has already disappeared from the app. Although strange, it could be a ploy to gain interest from the general public and  might not be just a glitch in the game. What do you think?

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