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Jurassic Park Exciting Work On VR

There is no denying the fact that Jurassic Park was a trendsetter when it came to movies and creatures of the pre-historic days. Almost all the versions of Jurassic Park by Steven Speilberg were big hits and grossed big money. However, when it comes to gaming activities, there are reasons to believe that there is nothing much to show. Yes, a few games were launched here and there. But when it comes to harnessing the full potential of Jurassic Park as a gaming tool, there is still quite a long way to go. There are many experts who have talked about this before and they are ready to do it over and over again. They are of the firm belief that there is a need to have more number of Jurassic Park games. However, this still remain a promise as of now as far as we are concerned. There is nothing concrete about new games coming as of now. But that does not mean there is nothing to be happy about it. As we speak now there is a promising VR project under development. Hence, it would be not a bad idea to find out what exactly is this VR project is all about and why it is generating so much excitement.


Polycount Samrae3D Is Working On It

It would be pertinent to mention here that Polycount’s Samroe3D is now working quite hard on coming out with a Jurassic Park VR Project. The main aim of this project seems quite interesting. It basically aims to match the timings of various events as accurately and as closely as possible. The persons who are planning this experiment believe that it can be an authentic experience. Apart from the above, Samroe3D also plans to give animation to the T-Rex. Additionally, it also plans to come out solutions that can help switch between perspectives of the various main characters.


This Is Indeed Quite Exciting

There is no doubt that this indeed is very exciting. However, we need to tread with caution because the entire project still continues to be at a very early stage. This means that it might take some time for it to become real and for others to experience the real Jurassic Park scene in VR. But the very thought is quite exciting because there is quite a bit of potential in this. This is perhaps the reason why this information and communication is being shared with the readers.


How To Go About It

While there are still very early days and there are quite a few things that remain to be done, there are few words of advice for the various Jurassic Park fans. It would not be a bad idea to download the T-Rex scene remake that is available in the Unity Engine. There is no doubt that this certainly is a fantastic and amazing fan recreation. It deals with the iconic encounter in Unity Engine. However, there is a word of caution that one must bear in mind. As is the case with all other fan remakes, it is still not perfect. There are quite a few bugs and problems. It will certain take some time before it become error free and mistake free. However, there is happiness and excitement because, it is better than not having anything for now.


Look At The Screen Shots

While there is no doubt that it will certainly take some time for the whole thing to crystallize and become real, you can get started by doing a few things. You will find many WIP screenshots and GIFs. These are from the Jurassic Park VR project that is taking shape. You would do well to have a closer look at the same so that you are able to get a closer and better idea about the actual project once it is ready to be launched for public consumption. However, as mentioned many times before, these are still very early days and it will take some time before even the prototype becomes ready. Till such time, you have no other options but to spend time hoping for the best. Most importantly, you would do well to have a closer look at the GIFs and WIP screenshots. Al said and done, there is quite a bit of hoe that Samroe3D will be in a position to complete this project within a reasonable period of time and hand it over to the general public.

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