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Things Are Looking Up for VR

There is no denying that VR and AR have had a bit of a staggered start. Despite plenty of interest in the technology, companies and the general public have been slow to fully embrace it. This is due to a myriad of reasons from high prices to poor marketing strategies.

However, it appears that all of this may be about to change in the coming year. At the very least, you can certainly say that people are getting more excited about VR in 2020. As such, there is plenty to look forward to.

Let’s take a look at why this may be…

People are Finally Ready

It is safe to say that people truly interested in VR and AR was a bit of a niche market. However, as a greater number of people have adopted technology into their daily lives, many more are looking forward to VR. This isn’t a hunch, though. There is actual proof to back this claim up.

This evidence is in the form of Oculus Quest sales. For those that need a refresher, Oculus Quest is Facebook’s headset that offers six degrees of freedom. The main upside of this headset is that it boasts many of the features found in super-powered PCs but without all of those unnecessary add-ons. Not to mention, the price is significantly lower than previous headsets.

Well, this device has gotten a lot of people quite excited. It actually sold out before the Christmas season. What's more, the resale prices skyrocketed as well. This just goes to show that people are willing to pay for this tech as they believe it will be important for their future.

Once other companies get a whiff of this interest, you can expect them to invest even more in VR. This will lead to even more useful devices coming out over the next couple of years.

An Increased Number of Gaming Titles

When you really dig into it, you can see that VR has different advantages across numerous industries. At the same time, VR is still very much within the framework of gaming. Thus, before it can go mainstream, gamers must wholly adopt the tech.

Well, it appears that this may also happen. Over the last few years, there have been a limited number of good VR gaming titles. Naturally, interest was low. Now, however, it appears that all the necessary conditions are in place.

As mentioned, there is certainly a great deal of hype around VR. Simultaneously, there are more and more good-quality titles being released as well. This includes options such as Boneworks, Superhot VR, and Half-Life: Alyx.

What's even better is that all of these games have been really well-received. So, once the gaming community has really sunk their teeth into these games, they will be looking around for more. And you can be quite sure that there will be companies willing to oblige.

VR is Moving Into Marketing

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is usually a pretty good measuring stick for how VR is doing in the marketplace. Usually, though, it is the new headsets or similar technology being displayed. This year, however, things were a little different. This is because many different brands incorporated VR as a marketing tactic.

The most notable brands to do this were Hyundai and Audi. Using VR, they were able to showcase some of their future inventions to the audience. However, the specific features of VR ensured that it was a more immersive experience than ever before.

This, too, is good news for VR. As major corporations find more and more use for this tech, the more widespread it will become. Furthermore, people will get more creative about what they use VR for as well. Due to this, it is going to become rather commonplace to rely on VR for different areas of your life.

It is clear that things are looking up for VR – certainly more than it has in the last few years. So, if you have been eagerly waiting for this tech to find its place in the general community, your wish may be fulfilled really soon. Until then, it is just a matter of keeping a watchful eye on everything going on in the industry. You can guarantee that it will be fun and exciting.

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