Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review


The awesome Nintendo Switch can boast of having a hybrid layout which provides on-the-go gaming as well as console gaming with only one single console. Below, in this comprehensive Nintendo Switch review, we have highlighted the beneficial aspects provided by this device which has made it so popular right now.

Price and Availability:

It has been almost 18 months from now when the Nintendo Switch was first introduced on the market; however, the cost nevertheless continues to be the same (around £279). At present, it is possible to get hold of this device from the official outlet and from also online retailers like Amazon.

The good thing is that this reasonable price will provide you with innovative features including the primary console, a couple of Joy-con controllers, the dock, a Joy-con grip, an HDMI cable, wrist straps, as well as AC adapter. This is simply amazing!

Design and Build:

The brand-new switch is unlike any other console that you will find on the market and it is a bit tough to describe this device when it comes to design. The main reason for this is that the Nintendo Switch has been manufactured in such a way that it is possible for you to use it in different ways, and not only as a box which simply plugs into the television set and remains like that.

TV Mode:

The primary component of this console is actually a tablet; consequently, docking will be required for turning it into a console. However, the “TV mode” will help you in this regard. The other innovative modes happen to be “Tabletop” as well as “Handheld”. It is quite easy to move the tablet in and out of the device’s dock, and this can be done without pausing in the middle of the game in case you like doing so.

When the device is docked, you can easily employ the Joy-Con controllers which are fastened to the grip for functioning as a temporary controller. You can also use them for multiplayer games as well. Above all, you may likewise use the innovative Pro controller.

Tabletop Mode:

While the switch has been undocked, dock again while attaching the controllers which will provide you with the Tabletop mode. However, the presence of a kickstand on the backside of the apparatus will enable you to set it down easily on any even surface and start gaming.

This is something really awesome and you will not be able to do this with either Xbox One or the PS4.

Handheld Mode:

While the Nintendo Switch is in the handheld mode the console becomes quite unique unlike that of the Xbox One or the PS4. With both of the controllers fixed into the edges of the tablet screen, the switch becomes quite light in weight and you can also hold it comfortably. In fact, it is going to resemble a more attractive and thinner Wii U GamePad that includes a 720p high-definition screen along with joysticks on both sides plus the regular ABXY buttons not to mention the directional pad as well.

Joy-Con controllers:

In spite of having a silly name, these controllers are quite impressive in the long run particularly due to the fact that they include the inbuilt HD rumble motor that can boast of having identical precision levels as that of the haptic engine of Apple.

Apart from improving the regular gameplay vibrations, this also opens an entirely innovative sort of game where you can make use of the controllers for figuring out the number of ball bearings which are within the virtual box simply by moving the Joy-Con controllers while feeling the balls rolling around.

However, this will not be possible while using a regular vibration motor; nevertheless, the motor which is present inside these controllers can make us believe that there were indeed ball bearings which were rolling around within and it might also be possible for you to figure out the exact number.

Joy-Con grip controller:

The innovative Joy-Con grip is going to be the most effective way to play while the Nintendo Switch happens to be in the console mode. You can build it simply by sliding the controllers one by one onto the grip. It will create a conventional-style controller that can be held with both hands in spite of it being an odd one. Although it might appear to be comfier than what it actually appears, the grips nevertheless seem to be rather small while the middle portion is excessively narrow which makes both of your hands quite close to one another. It will be okay in a pinch; however, in case anybody is contemplating on spending a considerable amount of time playing conventional games on the TV, it might be a sensible idea for him to purchase a Pro controller which will, of course, add to his expenses in the long run.

Features and Specifications:

It is a fact that the Nintendo Switch’s design is quite impressive, but what about the internal features?


The inbuilt screen of this switch happens to be 6.2 inches which is definitely smaller in size as compared to many of the available tablets out there. In fact, it is only a bit bigger than the majority of the flagship smartphones that were introduced in the market in 2017. It is quite compact in size, although this will not have any effect on the gameplay whatsoever.

The switch tablet display happens to be 720p HD (maximum). Although it does not make any significant difference in gameplay experience in general, you will be able to observe some soft textures while playing some specific games which do not appear to be crisp while you play them on TV.

On the contrary, the display is vibrant and bright which provides enough detail and depth so as to play the game comfortably irrespective of whether it is a complicated one like The Legend of Zelda.: Breath of the Wild. It is surely the fact that it does not look that good like it actually does on a giant television set; however, it is sufficient for any portable purpose whatsoever.

Again, for the first time in the history of Nintendo, a capacitive multi-touch display screen has been introduced on the market. Although there had been touch-enabled devices from Nintendo before, they were dependent more on pressure rather than touch.

Battery Life and Internals

The switch is capable of displaying full high-definition graphics, and games like Zelda will appear quite attractive on the big screen (in spite of the fact that the game is going to cap at 900p).

Performance dips have been observed at regular intervals while playing the Zelda, and there have been frame rate stutters while playing the game particularly the fight scenes. Thus, it does appear that the console has been pushed to its maximum limits right there. That being said, inconsistent frame rates are quite common with contemporary console gaming, and therefore, the switch cannot be blamed that much.

The Nintendo Switch is available in just 1 model; thus, there is no option for additional storage. You will be offered 32GB by Nintendo, although it can be expanded by means of MicroSD. Though it’s not that much, there is no need to worry about any installation given that all these games happen to be cartridge-based. The video will be output to the TV by the console dock through HDMI, and the tablet is going to be connected to the dock and charged using the USB-C which you will find in many smartphones on the market at present.

Software and Operating System:

The operating system of the switch is quite uncomplicated as well as simple-to-use. It is possible to navigate with the help of a controller while playing on TV, while handheld gamers might use either the touch screen or the Joy-Cons both of which are quite intuitive. Right now, this happens to be the fastest operating system on any console, and it will allow the gamer to use plus navigate the switch in an enjoyable manner.

The user interface of Nintendo Switch is clean as well as minimalist, and you will be provided with the option of either Basic Black or Basic White which implies that more themes are going to be unveiled in the recent future.

You will likewise come across extensive and innovative parental controls that will enable you to set a specific time constraint for every day of the week and you can also suspend the application as soon as the time expires. It will also be feasible for you to obtain reports of those games that you have played the most and you can likewise set some limitations such as contents restricted by age and so on. And the good thing is that all these can be performed from your smartphone remotely with the help of apps.


The games lineup of the Nintendo Switch deserves special mention. However, it is a fact that the Switch games are somewhat mixed in nature. While you will come across the likes of Zelda, Pokémon, and Mario, the rest are mostly some sort of party games that won’t entice you much in case you happen to be an avid gamer. Even though you will not be offered any backward compatibility, the Nintendo switch can nevertheless take pride in having an innovative Virtual Console that will allow you to purchase and also play older titles.

Final verdict:

We like to conclude this Nintendo Switch review by asserting that the hardware on offer is definitely impressive; however, one might encounter frustrations from time to time. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that the switch is extremely powerful for a portable which helps the device to stay ahead in the competition. In spite of being a sleek and attractive gadget, the switch does come with a drawback: pricey accessories as well as limited software. Thus, although you will enjoy using the switch it needs certain enhancements to make your experience an unforgettable and unique one.


Click here to buy on Amazon

Click here to buy on Amazon