X Box One S Review Smaller, Better

X Box One S Review Smaller, Better


If you are one the lookout for the right consoles in the market today, there is no denying the fact that you have a task in hand. With so many options and choices available in the market, you could end up making the wrong choice unless you are fully informed and have gathered the right knowledge and details. In this article we will have a look the X Box One S. This console is being talked about quite a bit and therefore it would be interesting to learn more about the features and functionalities of the same. It is a product from Microsoft and it is an improvement on the previous models. The first model of X Box One console was released in many countries and continents during the latter part of 2013. It has gone through many changes and improvements. The latest model, X Box One S comes with some interesting features and functionalities. Let us have a closer look at them. We are sure it will be good sources of information and knowledge for those who want to buy one of them or are just there to get some more details about the product.


It Is Relevant And Contemporary


Those who have used it believe that it could arguably be one of the most contemporary and relevant consoles in the market today. The new X Box One S has something for everybody. We are listing down some of the main features and functionalities that set this apart from other such consoles in the market. For examples, in keeping with changing times and new requirements, this console offers Netflix and HD Blu-Ray support. Further, you also get to enjoy a raft of games that comes bundles with the console. The games are interesting, relevant and are easily accessible. The games can be either downloaded or be copied in a disk. Therefore, there are many customers who believe that the new version of X Bone One could be a one-stop solution for the entire family.


Design Features And Specifications


At the first sight, you will be amazed at the size, ergonomics and looks of this console. When you spend some time going a bit deeper into it, there are quite a few interesting things about it. It certainly is a beast and a friendly one at that. The all-white version of X Box One does look quite attractive. However, if you look around you will come across a few special editions. These are customized and have different color variants. It is elegant, compact and the absence of an unseemly and large-sized power brick is certainly a big takeaway. The power brick has been placed inside the X Box One S. Hence, what you get to buy is the compact box along with a HDMI cable.


The machine can be made to stand upright on any good and flat surface. You are free to have it installed in an optional stand. It does look quite neat and those who love AV cabinet-type machines would most certainly find this interesting. It can be easily tucked away in the corner of your living room and looks compact without occupying too much of space.


Drive Tray


The drive tray has been intelligently designed and is placed on left side of the fascia. The disc button is almost hidden and it also is white in color. Hence, it might get lost in the white-background of the body of the console. The power button works better with a physical click and there are a few who believe that it would be better it was activated on touch.


A Few More Interesting Features


You also get three USB 3.0 ports when you buy this console. While two are clearly visible, the third one is tucked inside and is in front of the box. Other models perhaps had this USB port on the side. The previous Legacy Xbox One had it on the side. This again is a big improvement because it makes access of the USB port quite easy to access when you place the console inside a cabinet. There is also one more change. The gamepad pairing button also has been moved around to the front.


Another new addition is an IR blaster. This can help the end-users to have a better control over other electronic devices. This can be done without the need to use HDMI CEC connectivity feature. On the whole, there are many customers who believe that this new feature add quite a bit of value apart from being simple and easy to use. It also adds consistency of performance.


A Look At The Rear


As far as the rear of the X Box One S is concerned, you have a full line-up of different types of connections. Here are the most important and significant ones.


  • You will get two HDMI ports. One if for Input TV while the other one is for output.

  • It also comes with three additional 3.0 ports.

  • You also have an IR output that could be used if you wish to add another external IR blaster.

  • Other options include Ethernet ports and also facility for connecting optical audio outputs.


Storage Options


Yes, storage is an important option that must be kept in mind. This latest version from Microsoft gives you the choice of going in for either 500 GB storage space of 1 TB. However, there are a few customers who believe that the size available is low given the fact that today’s games are many in variety. Further, the games are also large these days. If you have 10 such games resting in your drive, it is quite likely that your hard disk would be completely full. However, there is a workaround to this. The USB ports of the X Box One S have been intelligently thought out. It has the capacity to accept external HDDs. However, these HDDs must be 3.0 USB port compatible. This certainly goes a long way in increasing the available storage space quite significantly.


How To Set Up The Box


Ease of use is an important attribute for any console and therefore the new version of X Box one is also no exception. The setting up process is easy but there are a few who complain that it is a bit slow. It could take quite a bit of your time and the setting up time increases further, if the broadband connection that you have is slow. For many customers the entire setting up process has taken around 10 minutes even when they are working with a broadband of 300 Mbps download speed. Of course, this includes installation time. Once it has been set up and installed, and once you are logged into to your Microsoft account, you will find the whole thing getting speeded up quite a bit. In fact, it could be one of the fastest in the market today once setup and installation and login to Microsoft account have been completed. This again is a big takeaway as far as this console from Microsoft is concerned.


You Also Can Enjoy Wireless Experience


When the previous versions of Xbox One S were released, Microsoft made some small changed to its controller. The new version looks sleeker when co pared to the older variants and models. However, it still continues to feel similar in the hand. The surface offers much better grip when compared to the older versions. You also get added benefits like Bluetooth supports. This is however only for Windows 10 devices that have the latest Xbox applications along with a stable wireless connection.


User Experience


There are obviously quite a few new things that might contribute to improved resolution and better customer experience. All non-4K videos can be upgraded to 2160p provided you have the right UHD TV that is compatible with the console. The processing chips in the console also have gone through some change. This ensures smooth and fast running of the various menu systems. It also provides easier navigation and this also goes a long way in providing better user experiences.




Here are a few obvious reasons why X Box One S could be a good buy. These are benefits that cannot be ignored under any circumstances.


  • High quality 4K ultra imaging with blu-ray support along with HDR.

  • It offers Amazon as well as Netflix video playback making it very modern and contemporary.

  • Best of gaming experience because of 1080p HDR gaming.

  • Easy to understand menu settings.

  • Setup and installation is quite simple and should not take more than five to seven minutes if the broadband connection is stable and powerful.

  • The wireless controller is of the best quality and is certainly a big talking-point.




  • Absence of power brick. (This has been built inside the console).

  • Few customers have complained about non-availability of 4K gaming.

  • Slower in operation when compared to the earlier One X sibling.


The Final Word


When we take into account the various features, functions, specifications, customer reviews and other such information, a few things emerge. The X Box One S is certainly a good buy and quite a few changes have been made to make it look more modern and also perform in tune with changing customer needs and preferences. The ability to play some of the best games and also being able to enjoy Netflix and Amazon video playback are a few obvious facts that come to our mind.

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