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The best ways to open CS:GO cases in 2022: tips and tricks

Plenty of CS:GO players all over the world are into opening cases. But what differentiates a rookie and an experienced case opener? A good case opener always considers many details before opening cases. And if you want to know what these details are and how they are going to help you to get more profit off cases, then this article is for you!

By the way, there is an interesting CS:GO case opening technique allowing you to get a free case as a daily bonus. Thus, you open a free case every day and loot some juicy skins almost effortlessly! Don’t miss this out, as it might become a great way to sprinkle your inventory with some additional skins.

Open through CS:GO game

The most classic method to get yourself some skins is through opening cases in CS:GO itself. It is an initial method to open cases, but it has multiple requirements for users:

  1. Get a case. There are a few ways of obtaining cases, including an in-game drop, drop from watching a competitive game, purchase from a market, or trading it with other players;
  2. Get a key. There are only three main ways you can obtain a key. You can whether purchase it from an original in-game store/trade market or trade it.

As soon as you have both elements, you can open your inventory, right-click on the desired case and press the “Open” button.

Use CS:GO case opening websites

Another method to expose a few cases is through case opening websites. The number of such websites is increasingly growing each day, but it doesn’t mean that all of them can be trusted. Make sure to read reviews and carefully examine the case opening website before exposing your personal info to it. 

But besides that, good case opening websites offer their users an entirely new experience in the dimension of the cases. Starting with plenty of interesting activities like case battles and finishing with a generous bonus system, giving you even more cases to test your luck. Some websites are even inventing their own cases with special item mixes. Remember that each case opening website is different and provides its own unique features. To start opening cases at case opening websites, you need:

  1. Find CS:GO case opening website you like;
  2. Sign up at it and verify an account;
  3. Go to the cashier page and deposit funds on the wallet;
  4. Choose how you want to open cases (like a regular CS:GO case, or use some kind of special mode);
  5. Purchase the case and open it;
  6. Enjoy newfound loot!

Further, you can manipulate obtained loot by transferring it on your steam account for trading or using, or leave it on the website for other activities.

Tips on how to better approach case opening

CS:GO has tons of different cases, and each of them has different prices, the same as the skins inside. So it would be quite reckless to rush in and start opening whatever you see. On the contrary, you should approach case opening with strategy, like a real business plan.

The first thing you should do is examine the market. Check out the prices for the cases, and more importantly, find the average cost of the items inside them. With those steps, you will be able to understand what is an average profit from opening a certain case. With this strategy, you will develop a more consistent approach to the opening cases.

You should also be on the lookout for new cases coming out. Even though their prices are higher just after a launch, items inside them will also be expensive. 

Another good tip is to learn from others. Find a successful case opener that creates content (videos, blog) and try to follow what he does if he has consistent results with it. 

Or maybe you just want to open cases to get yourself some pretty skins. In such cases, you should find the skins you like most and find out which containers hide them. And just open this certain case until you get desired results. By the way, if you want to learn more about CS:GO and what they bring to the game, this article might expose you to a few interesting details about skins.


Case opening is not that hard of a process, and what is best about it in 2022, you have a few ways to open them. But, ultimately, it is up to you whether to use CS:GO itself or a particular website. Just remember to approach a process mindfully.

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