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Grand Theft Auto 6: Release Date, Platforms, And Everything You Need To Know About GTA VI

Those who follow Rockstar Games would for sure find this article interesting and exciting. There are many variants of Rockstar Games that won the heart of thousands of fans across the world. These included Red Dead Redemption and of course the many editions of GTA. In this article, we will be spending some time knowing more about GTA 6. There have been many releases and versions of GTA and each one of them are unique and different in their own ways. For example when we look at GTA 5, many believe that it may have been re-released in order to lengthen its total lifespan. It was originally released in 2013.

However, since 2013 quite a few things have changed and as new consoles with new features and technologies coming into the vogue, there were many reasons to believe that the new version of GTA could be on its way. Let us therefore spend some time getting to know more about Grand Theft Auto 6 or GTA 6 so that you have better information about the same and know how to take things forward based on the knowledge that you may get after going through the information that is being shared hereunder.


GTA Release Date

Before getting into further details about possible release dates, it would be worthwhile getting to know more about the background of GTA. GTA5, as mentioned above was release in 2013. Hence, it is quite obvious that Rockstar did not have the right time and resources to develop a sequel to GTA5. Hence, there are reasons to believe that work on GTA6 may have started in 2014. However, there were some issues with regard to Red Dead Redemption that had to be taken care of. These were apart from issues pertaining to PS4, PC and Xbox One Versions of GTA5. At the same time there were some issues pertaining to the Google Stadia and PC versions of Red Dead Redemption, version 2.

These corrections and modifications and new additions may look easy, but they do take quite a bit of time and effort. However, there are reasons to believe that they are now out of the way. Though there are no independent sources to confirm this, there is a recent leak which if followed to its logical conclusion may point to a few things. The leak was purportedly done by a playster. He has been in contact with GTA 6 during the stages of its development.

However, the source remains uncorroborated. But going by rumors and based on information that emanates from the grapevine, it is quite possible that GTA6 could be scheduled for release during the end of 2020 or early 2021. It is more likely that 2020 would be a tough deadline to meet. Rockstar in most probability will not be willing to risk launching a game of this magnitude within a year of having made such an announcement. Hence, a more accurate guess would be 2021 and the announcement will most probably be preceded exactly a year before.

There are some recent rumors that there could be a 2020 teaser announcement. This has some relevance and logic to it. There are some unique artwork teases that have been posted by the developer. Further there also was a private video that was making rounds on YouTube. This further strengthens the believed that it will be fully released only in 2021 and there are some who believe that it could happen only in 2022. Rockstar always has had a history of delays.


The Issue Of Tax Relief

Apart from the above, there is one more bit of information that has emerged recently. It is about the claim being made by Rockstar North for UK tax relief. But there is more controversy than trust surrounding this bit of news. This is because many believe that both Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA are not exactly British from the cultural point of view. This is a pre-requisite for getting tax relief. However, when we look at the accounting of Rockstar there is a steady flow of relief from tax and during the recent years it has been more pronounced.

Tax Watch believes that this might mean continuous development and this again could be a pointer to the fact that GTA 6 might be still a work-in-progress and could be in the drawing board stage or might have moved into design and development. The tax claims however, does not mention of any franchises, but there is something that could be cooking and that is what experts and others have to say.


GTA6 Platforms

Whenever a next version of an existing game is released, quite a bit of interest is focused on the platform on which it is likely to be released. The same applies to GTA6 also. GTA5 was released when the console generation was just about to set permanently on the horizon. GTA5 used PS3 and Xbox 360 as platforms. This was done initially and latest it was re-released with improve performance and graphics when the next set of consoles came into being. There are reasons to believe that this will not be repeated as far as GTA6 is concerned. This is because of some obvious pointers.

The game will most probably be exclusive to Playstation 5 and it also could include Xbox Series X of Microsoft platform that are to be launched in 2020. Since the two are scheduled to be released in 2020, this also further strengthens our belief that GTA 6 may be released either during late 2020 or 2021, though 2022 looks a bit unlikely given the tough competition that it has to face if it further delays things. Having said this, we need to keep in mind that the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 game into the market quite early. In fact it hit the markets at least six years before GTA 5 was released. Hence, the PC versions of GTA 6 might be available within on years of its release.


GTA 6 Gameplay

Are you keen on getting to know some details and some inside information about GTA 6 gameplay. Interesting details and other facts may still be sketchy but there could be something about GTAs setting that might be quite obvious as far as Rockstar is concerned. It could either be Los Santos, Liberty City or some other metropolitan areas. However, there is not much clarity about the playground where the players will be running around and not many pertinent questions have been answered. Some clarity might come when the official teaser version of the game starts coming out into the market. Before that there is nothing substantial or significant to back our claims.

However, there are many who believe that the developers may plant to have a revisit to the famed Vice City. This takes us back to GTA 3. Those who still remember GTA 3 know that it is a wonderful version and Vice City was indeed a neon-soaked and alternative version of Miami. There are others who believe it also could have Liberty City from GTA 3, and also San Andreas. Further Mid West could be an attractive feature. It also is possible that each of the above may be there for different sections. Further, you can also expect the game to try and push unknown boundaries. This is perhaps because of Microsoft and Sony hardware that will be a part of the GTA 6 when it is launched. But it is still not clear whether the new version will be more detailed and bigger when compared to the map from GTA 5. However, these are still early days and it will be some time before things become clear.


Some Idea About GTA 6 Story

If you have followed the various stories of GTA versions, you will know that it has always involved criminality. This is a rule but there could be changes as far as flavors are concerned. However, there is some interesting bit of information about the possible GTA 6 narrative. The co-founder of Rockstar, Dan Houser is scheduled to leave the studio in March 2020. This in effect means that one of the key tastemakers of the studio and also one of the most important writers perhaps may be on his way out. Dan along with his brother Sam, have played a very instrumental role in shaping the tone of the franchises from the very beginning.

The possible exit of Dan Houser could be looked at in many ways. There is a reasonably good chance that there could be a change of voice as far as GTA 6 is concerned. This may or may not be good news given the fact that Dan was always fully involved in the script and he had a reasonably good say on it and the storyline had a lot of inputs from him. The fingers are crossed and we believe that Dan’s exit will not be a negative thing as far as GTA 6 is concerned.



Though these are still very early days, there are many who believe that GTA 6 will have some wonderful things lined up for its fans. Though there have been criticisms about the previous versions of GTA, in the end each and every version was accepted well by the end-users and the fans. The same could also be expected as far as GTA 6 is concerned. The release date however, still remains as mystery and many are ready to put their money for a 2021 release instead of 2020 because of obvious reasons.

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