Action Games

Action games, like the movies, are all about the crazy hit of adrenaline you get as you push through the intense levels. These games cover a huge range of heart-pounding genres including exciting strategy, tactical shooters, platformers and so much more. Pick up your legendary sword and hunt fell beasts in fantasy RPG universes. Destroy the opposition and crush all your opponents in brutal fighting games to determine the ultimate victor. Let the feeling of being right there in the fray with your team wash over you as you fight your way to the ultimate victory in a multiplayer RPG. All these genres are brought together for a single purpose: to be the most action-packed, nail-biting, fear-inducing games you have ever played. They are going to bring you back for more over and over again, turning you into an action-ready superhero who is always ready to rumble! Get your gear together and leap into the harrowing tales of old!